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8 (Yes 8) Reasons Why You Need the Flexible Growler in Your Taproom.

February 29, 2024

I love talking about the flexible growler from AstraPouch and giving them out at brewery events. They are the perfect example of solving a problem and providing the industry with a little innovation. The result was a unique way to spread more fun and beer on the go.  

The Federation is set up to introduce members to new products and partners that help save money or make a brewery more efficient. The Flexible Growler is just one of many cost effective programs we have put in place. Set up brief 15 min call below to see what other programs the Beverage Federation has in place.

The Challenge: During COVID, breweries along the east coast were like the rest of us,  trying to figure out how to get beer to customers who couldn’t come into the brewery. When someone reached out to the AstraPouch team, they came up with the Flexible Growler as a fast, covenant, eco-friendly way to provide beverages on the go.  

The Solution: ‘Using advanced flexible packaging technology and featuring a revolutionary carbonation-venting screw cap, the 64oz Beer To-Go Pouch and Beer Growler keep beverages fresh and prevent over-carbonation.’

I talk to brewery owners who have ‘seen it all’ and they still stop over to take a look at the flexible growler. They test out a few and then end up ordering a box of 50 that takes up less room than 6 glass growlers.  

8 Reasons to Check it Out: 

  1. They are inexpensive. (85% Less then Glass, 95% less for Beverage Federation Members
  2. Take up significantly less room than your glass solution. 
  3. They are recycling.
  4. They can go camping, to the beach, or tailgating. 
  5. They can be filled the same way you fill your growlers today. 
  6. They don’t have to replace your glass growler program, just give people options. 
  7. You can put your logo on them.  
  8. They cost your customers less but you make more money on them.

 Get an Extra 10% OFF Flexible Growlers by Becoming A Beverage Federation Member - Start Your Free Trial Today

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